The Illyrian Adventure - Lloyd Alexander I read the entire Vesper Holly series -- or at least most of it, I can't quite remember -- around the time I was in 5th - 6th grade. I recall that I reread some of the books several times. They're swashbuckling adventures with a teenage Indiana Jones-like heroine and her guardian, who is the Watson to her Sherlock. I really enjoyed how the hero of this series is a girl who is sharp, reckless, and gutsy. I remember that these books were quick, easy reads in the sixth grade, and I reread this one -- the first in the series -- in a few hours today. There is definitely a nostalgia quality for me in rereading this book. Approach reading this book as you would watching an Indiana Jones-movie, with the same willingness to have fun and suspension of disbelief. Despite both series drawing on mythology and history, this series is in an entirely different genre than Alexander's THE PRYDAIN CHRONICLES and probably shouldn't be compared with it.