She's the One - J.J. Murray The handful of funny moments that made me laugh -- mainly with supporting characters -- didn't fix the fact that this novel was--what do the kids call it?--"a hot mess." The concept of the secrets and the bard retelling drew me to this book, but the characters were presented unsympathetically and then obvious band-aid patches were inserted into the book to try to "fix" that problem. I would have given this two stars except that it completely failed as a romance despite graphic voyeuristic sex scenes, and in the end I felt generally icky about the entire storyline and my implicit compliance with it by choosing to read the book. I can't help but think a novel with Walt and Fish playing the two characters in WAITING FOR GODOT would have been a better book, although maybe it would also have the same structural issues. The thing is I *should* have liked almost all of these characters, but in the end I felt that the author himself didn't truly understand what made them tick...except for perhaps Walt, who was the most sympathetically portrayed, but then again...wasn't Walt the writer?